Chevron may refer to:

  • Chevron (insignia), a decoration
  • Chevron (anatomy), a bone
  • Chevron (geology), a fold in rock layers
  • Chevron (land form), a sediment deposit across the earth's surface
  • The Chevron, a newspaper
  • Chevron Corporation, an oil company
  • Chevron Cars Ltd, a British racing car constructor
  • Chevron Engineering Ltd, a New Zealand car maker
  • Hebron, a city in the West Bank
  • Eulithis testata, a moth
  • Guillemets, a type of quotation mark
  • A type of bracket
  • A plot element in the Stargate fictional universe

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Luis Yanza - Legal Action
... de la Amazonia, Yanza has spearheaded the multi-billion-dollar class action lawsuit against Chevron-Texaco for its environmental damage in Ecuador ... The Ecuadorian courts ruled in against Chevron however, Chevron is attempting to counter-sue Yanza, Fajardo, and their New York-based lawyer, Steven Donziger ...
Steve Crowe
... served as the chief financial officer and vice president of finance for Chevron Corporation until his retirement from the firm in 2009, having spent 36 years with the company ... He worked with Chevron Corporation from 1972 ... He was instrumental in Chevron's acquisition of Unocal in 2005 ...
List Of Stargate Universe Characters - Main Characters - Nicholas Rush
... being to explore the mystery behind the ninth chevron of the Stargate ... at the Icarus Base in 2009, in order to do research on the ninth chevron ... and Eli Wallace figure out how to dial the ninth chevron, and are responsible for sending the remaining Icarus personnel to an Ancient ship known as the Destiny, a spaceship situated in a far-away galaxy, with no ...
Lago Agrio Oil Field - Litigation
... Chevron claims that the company is being unfairly targeted as a deep pocket ... He went on to file a case against Chevron in 2007 on behalf of new clients who claimed that pollution had given them cancer ... In the video, the judge agreed to rule against Chevron, to deny Chevron's appeals, and also discusses the allocation of the $3 million bribe between himself, the president, and the plaintiffs ...
Chevron Richmond Refinery - Controversies - Underpaid Taxes
... In 2009 the Chevron refinery agreed to pay the city of Richmond $28 million in back utility taxes ... In 2011 Chevron sued Contra Costa County for 60 million dollars claiming its property taxes were too high ... The county's attorney stated that Chevron's claims were "fraught with materials that don’t satisfy evidentiary standards.” In the end Chevron lost its appeal to the Contra Costa County ...