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Regional Services

Line Line name Route Frequency Vehicles Operator
IRE 1 Franken-Sachsen-Express Dresden – Freiberg – FlöhaChemnitz – Hohenstein-Ernstthal (only to Nuremberg) – Zwickau – Reichenbach – Plauen – Hof – Bayreuth – Nuremberg every 2 hours,

Class 612 (DB Regio)
RE 3 Franken-Sachsen-Express Dresden – Tharandt – Freiberg – Flöha – Chemnitz – Hohenstein-Ernstthal – Glauchau – Zwickau – Reichenbach – Plauen – Hof (− Marktredwitz – Nuremberg) every 2 hours,

Class 612 DB Regio
RE 6 CLEX – Chemnitz-Leipzig-Express Chemnitz – Burgstädt – Narsdorf – Geithain – Bad Lausick – Leipzig 60 min BR 612 DB Regio
RE 28 Fichtelberg-Express Leipzig – Bad Lausick – Geithain – Narsdorf – Burgstädt – Chemnitz – Flöha – Erdmannsdorf-Augustusburg – Annaberg-Buchholz – Cranzahl – Vejprty daily Class 642 DB Regio; Erzgebirgsbahn
RB 30 Dresden – Tharandt – Edle Krone – Freiberg – Oederan – Flöha – Niederwiesa – Chemnitz – Wüstenbrand – Hohenstein-Ernstthal – Glauchau – Zwickau 60 min Class 143 with double-decker carriages DB Regio
RB 45 Chemnitz – Mittweida – Waldheim – Döbeln – Riesa (– Elsterwerda) 60 min Class 143 with double-decker carriages DB Regio
RB 80 Zschopau Valley Railway Chemnitz – Flöha – Erdmannsdorf-Augustusburg – Hennersdorf – Wolkenstein – Annaberg-Buchholz – Cranzahl – Bärenstein – Vejprty 60 min BR 642 Erzgebirgsbahn
RB 81 Flöha Valley Railway Chemnitz – Flöha – Falkenau – Pockau-Lengefeld – Olbernhau/Marienberg 60 min Class 642 Erzgebirgsbahn
RB 89 Zwönitz Valley Railway Chemnitz – Thalheim – Zwönitz – Aue 60 min Class 642 Erzgebirgsbahn
CB 516 Striegis Valley Railway Chemnitz – Niederwiesa – Frankenberg – Hainichen 60 min BR 650 City-Bahn Chemnitz
CB 522 Würschnitz Valley Railway Chemnitz – Chemnitz Zentralhaltestelle – Neukirchen-Klaffenbach – Stollberg 30 min Variotram City-Bahn Chemnitz
CB 525 Chemnitz – Burgstädt 60 min Class 650 City-Bahn Chemnitz
Preceding station Deutsche Bahn Following station
Glauchau (Sachs) toward Nuremberg Hbf IRE 1
Flöha toward Dresden Hbf
Hohenstein-Ernstthal toward Nuremberg Hbf RE 3
Niederwiesa toward Dresden Hbf
Burgstädt toward Leipzig Hbf RE 6 Terminus
Terminus RE 28 Flöha toward Chomutov
Chemnitz Süd toward Zwickau Hbf RB 30 Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf toward Dresden Hbf
Chemnitz Kinderwaldstätte toward Elsterwerda RB 45 Terminus
Terminus RB 80 Flöha toward Vejprty
Terminus RB 81 Flöha toward Olbernhau or Marienberg
Terminus RB 89 Chemnitz Süd toward Aue (Sachs)
Preceding station Vogtlandbahn Following station
Mittweida toward Berlin Zoologischer Garten VX
Hohenstein-Ernstthal toward Adorf
Preceding station City-Bahn Chemnitz Following station
Terminus CB 516 Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf toward Hainichen
Terminus CB 522 Chemnitz Theaterplatz toward Stollberg
Chemnitz-Borna toward Burgstädt CB 525 Terminus

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