Chemnitz–Aue–Adorf Railway

The Chemnitz–Aue–Adorf railway is a branch line in Saxony, Germany that was built and operated by the Chemnitz-Aue-Adorfer Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (CAAE). The 115 km long line originally ran from Chemnitz in a southwesterly direction along the valley of the River Zwönitz to Aue. From Aue the line ran along the Zwickauer Mulde to Muldenberg and up to Schöneck and through Markneukirchen to Adorf in Vogtland.

The line was cut in two by the construction of the Eibenstock dam reservoir in 1975. The two truncated end sections are still in use, with the Vogtlandbahn railway company operating over the south western section from Adorf to Muldenburg, and the Erzgebirgsbahn railway company operating the Chemnitz to Aue section under the name Zwönitz Valley Railway (German: Zwönitztalbahn).

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