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K. P. Chen - Career - The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank (The Shanghai Bank)
... Zhuang Dezhi, founded The Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank, in Shanghai in June 1915, and was appointed its General Manager ... Comparatively, their initial capital was so small the bank became known as "the Little Shanghai Bank" ... the sight of a busy firm will make people trust it and claimed that the aim of The Shanghai Bank was to serve society and not just make a profit ...
Eastern Bank Ltd - History - Amalgamation Into Standard Chartered: 1957 - 1971
... In 1957, the Mundhra Scandal inflicted heavy losses on Eastern Bank's Bombay and Calcutta branches ... The same year, Barclays DCO and the Sassoon family sold their controlling interest in the bank to Chartered Bank, an Eastern Bank rival ... At that time, Chartered bank faced the challenges of a post colonial world with new national government policies in China, India, Burma and Ceylon, and saw ...
Chartered Bank Of India, Australia And China
... The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China (informally The Chartered Bank) was a bank incorporated in London in 1853 by Scotsman James Wilson ... In 1969 Chartered Bank merged with Standard Bank, which did business throughout Africa ... The merged enterprise was incorporated in London under the name Standard Chartered ...
Standard Chartered Thailand - History
... Standard Chartered Bank has been in Thailand since 1894 when the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China first established a branch in Bangkok ... In 1999, Standard Chartered acquired 75% of the shares of Thailand's Nakornthon Bank for THB 12.377 billion (GBP 193 million) ... shares are held by the Financial Institutions Development Fund, a fund established by the Bank of Thailand, which has recapitalised Nakornthon to approximately THB 7 billion (GBP 109 million) ...

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    A self is, by its very essence, a being with a past. One must look lengthwise backwards in the stream of time in order to see the self, or its shadow, now moving with the stream, now eddying in the currents from bank to bank of its channel, and now strenuously straining onwards in the pursuit of its chosen good.
    Josiah Royce (1855–1916)

    When he speaks,
    The air, a chartered libertine, is still.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)