Charles De Gaulle - 3rd Government, 9 June 1958 – 8 January 1959

3rd Government, 9 June 1958 – 8 January 1959

  • Charles de Gaulle: President of the Council and Minister of National Defence
  • Maurice Couve de Murville: Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Émile Pelletier: Minister of the Interior
  • Antoine Pinay: Minister of Finance and interim Minister of Public Works, Transport, and Tourism
  • Édouard Ramonet: Minister of Industry
  • Paul Bacon: Minister of Labour
  • Edmond Michelet: Minister of Veterans and War Victims
  • Michel Debré: Minister of Justice
  • Jean Berthoin: Minister of National Education
  • Roger Houdet: Minister of Agriculture
  • Bernard Cornut-Gentille: Minister of Overseas France
  • Robert Buron: Minister of Public Works, Transport, and Tourism
  • Eugène Thomas: Minister of Posts
  • Édouard Ramonet: Minister of Commerce
  • Pierre Sudreau: Minister of Construction
  • Max Lejeune: Minister of Sahara
  • Guy Mollet: Minister of State
  • Pierre Pflimlin: Minister of State
  • Félix Houphouët-Boigny: Minister of State
  • Louis Jacquinot: Minister of State


  • 12 June 1958: André Malraux enters the cabinet as Minister of Radio, Television, and Press.
  • 14 June 1958: Guy Mollet becomes Minister of General Civil Servants Status.
  • 7 July 1958: Bernard Chenot enters the cabinet as Minister of Public Health and Population. Jacques Soustelle succeeds Malraux as Minister of Information.
  • 23 July 1958: Antoine Pinay becomes Minister of Economic Affairs, remaining also Minister of Finance.

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