Charles De Gaulle - 2nd Government: 21 December1945 – 26 January 1946

2nd Government: 21 December1945 – 26 January 1946

  • Charles de Gaulle: Chairman of the Provisional Government France
  • Georges Bidault: Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Edmond Michelet: Armed Forces Minister
  • Charles Tillon: Minister of Armaments
  • Adrien Tixier: Minister of the Interior
  • René Pleven: Minister of Finance
  • François Billoux: Minister of National Economy
  • Marcel Paul: Minister of Industrial Production
  • Ambroise Croizat: Minister of Labour
  • Pierre-Henri Teitgen: Minister of Justice
  • Paul Giacobbi: Minister of National Education
  • Laurent Casanova: Minister of Veterans and War Victims
  • François Tanguy-Prigent: Minister of Agriculture and Supply
  • Jacques Soustelle: Minister of Colonies
  • Jules Moch: Minister of Public Works and Transport
  • Robert Prigent: Minister of Population
  • Raoul Dautry: Minister of Reconstruction and Town Planning
  • Eugène Thomas: Minister of Posts
  • André Malraux: Minister of Information
  • Vincent Auriol: Minister of State
  • Francisque Gay: Minister of State
  • Louis Jacquinot: Minister of State
  • Maurice Thorez: Minister of State

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