Charles De Bourbon

Charles de Bourbon may refer to:

  • Charles I, Duke of Bourbon (1401–1456)
  • Charles II, Duke of Bourbon (1434–1488), also Cardinal and archbishop of Lyon
  • Charles III, Duke of Bourbon (1490–1527), Bourbon-Montpensier
  • Charles de Bourbon, Duke of Vendôme (1489–1537), Bourbon-La Marche
  • Charles, Cardinal de Bourbon (1523–1590), Bourbon-La Marche, archbishop of Rouen and also Cardinal
  • Charles de Bourbon, Archbishop of Rouen (1564–1610)
  • Charles de Bourbon, comte de Soissons (1566–1612), Bourbon-Soissons
  • Charles de Bourbon, Duc de Berry (1686–1714)
  • Charles III of Spain, known as Charles of Bourbon (1716 – 1788), King of Spain, Naples, and Sicily

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