Chaplain Corps (United States Army) - Other Notable Chaplains

Other Notable Chaplains

  • John G. Burkhalter – Chaplain during World War II and the Korean War.
  • John B. DeValles – Chaplain during World War I.
  • Francis P. Duffy – Chaplain during World War I, the most highly decorated cleric in the history of the U.S. Army.
  • Herman G. Felhoelter – Chaplain during the Korean War. Killed in Chaplain–Medic massacre.
  • Dale Goetz – Chaplain during Afghanistan War. First U.S. Army chaplain to be killed in action since the Vietnam War.
  • Milton L. Haney – Chaplain during the Civil War. Called "The Fighting Chaplain" by the men of the 55th Illinois Infantry. Awarded the Medal of Honor
  • Philip Hannan – Chaplain during World War II.
  • Emil J. Kapaun – Chaplain during the Korean War. Died in a POW camp on 23 May 1951.
  • Charles Liteky – Chaplain during Vietnam War. Awarded the Medal of Honor.
  • John McElroy, SJ – One of two of the Army's first Catholic Chaplains. Chaplain duing the Mexican-American War, founder of St. John's Literary Institute, Boston College High School, and Boston College.
  • Colman O'Flaherty – Chaplain during World War I. Awarded the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously.
  • Anthony Rey – One of two of the Army's first Catholic Chaplains. Chaplain duing the Mexican-American War and Vice President of Georgetown College (1845).
  • John Rosbrugh – Chaplain during the Revolutionary War. First U.S. chaplain killed in battle.
  • H. Timothy Vakoc – Chaplain during Iraq War. The only U.S. military chaplain to die from wounds received in the Iraq War.
  • Charles J. Watters – Chaplain during the Vietnam War. Awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

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