Chaos Marauders - Gameplay


The various creatures are represented by colour cards, and being awarded different Attack Point and Victory Point statistics, and players must use these to build up to 3 'battle lines' on their battle sheet. The beginning of a battle line starts with a standard bearer and ends with a musician. Additional cards are placed in between these as each player draws and places them on their playsheet in turn. There are restrictions on placement based on troop-types and clan-allegiance which are indicated by the symbols on the cards. Some of the cards have special abilities, or act as random events - such as Odlugg Spleenripper, an ogre who might eat all your troop cards, or the aforementioned Skyrre's Blowback which might destroy an entire battle line of another player, or explode and destroy the attacker.

Once a line of cards is complete, the total of its Attack Points are calculated, then it may 'attack' an incomplete battle-line of the opponent - the success of which is determined by rolling the "Cube of Devastation" - a six sided dice with 5 sides emblazoned with an orcish eye, and one, with the Mark of Chaos. If the dreaded Mark of Chaos is rolled, the attacker's line routs, and the defender wins all their booty (cards with Victory Points but no Attack Points) and they loose all their troop cards. If an orcish eye is rolled, the opposite occurs.

The winner is determined the player who has accumulated the most Victory Points when all three battle lines have been completed on one sheet.

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