Chan Santa Cruz

Chan Santa Cruz or U Noh Kah Balam Nah Chan Santa Cruz is the Maya town now known as Felipe Carrillo Puerto in what is now the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. This name is often assigned to the Maya free state ruled from Chan Santa Cruz for much of the second half of the 19th century. Nonetheless, indigenous documentation including the 'Proclamation' of The State of The Cross and copious correspondence on behalf of this same state give its indigenous name as Juan, (Huaan), de la Cruz, 'The State of The Cross'.

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Military History Of Mexico - 19th Century - Conflicts After Independence - Caste War of Yucatán
... Chan Santa Cruz (Small Holy Cross) became the religious and political center of the Maya resistance and the rebellion came to be infused with religious significance ... Chan Santa Cruz also became the name of the largest of the independent Maya states, as well as the name of the capital town ... The United Kingdom recognized the Chan Santa Cruz Maya as a de facto independent nation, in part because of the major trade between Chan Santa Cruz and British Honduras ...
Crescencio Poot - Life As A Rebel
... A few years later, Poot would become the Chan Santa Cruz general in charge of making major decisions and organizing raids and skirmishes ... to a treaty signed on January 11, 1884 in Belize City by a Chan Santa Cruz general and the vice-Governor of Yucatán recognizing Mexican sovereignty over Chan Santa Cruz in exchange for Mexican recognition of ...

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