Champ (cryptozoology)

Champ (cryptozoology)

Champ, or Champie, or Big Rem, is the name given to a reputed lake monster living in Lake Champlain, a natural freshwater lake in North America, partially situated across the U.S.-Canada border in the Canadian province of Quebec and partially situated across the Vermont-New York border. While there is no scientific evidence for the cryptid's existence, there have been over 300 reported sightings. The legend of the monster is considered a draw for tourism in the Burlington, Vermont and Plattsburgh, New York areas.

Like the Loch Ness Monster, while most regard Champ as legend, others have speculated it is possible such a creature does live deep in the lake, possibly a relative of the plesiosaur, an extinct group of aquatic reptiles.

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... Believers in Champoften cite various examples of large and exotic creatures, that might possibly be candidates, for Champ ... Plesiosaurs Similar to "Nessie" of Loch Ness in Scotland, many people theorize that Champis a surviving Plesiosaur ... depicted in several sightings and photographs of Champ including the famous Sandra Mansi Photograph ...