Chamber of Fasci and Corporations - Appointment


No elections took place in Italy between 1934 and 1946. The new founded Chamber of the Fascists and the Corporations replaced the Chamber of Deputies of Italy during the spring of 1939, with the legislative body coming into effect on March 23, 1939, as the 30th legislature of the Kingdom of Italy. Unlike earlier elections for the legislature held under the Fascist era, popular suffrage was not put into effect. Instead, candidates were simply delivered under the pretext of a parliamentary reform, replacing the elections system with a body comprising only candidates of the various corporations of Italy, fulfilling Benito Mussolini's vow of enacting a complete corporativist system.

The candidates for the approximately 600 seats were nominated summarily by three organs: the Grand Council of Fascism of the National Fascist Party (PNF), by the National Council of the members of the PNF, and by the different corporations resembling the entire trade and industry of Italy, canalized through the National Council of Corporations (Consiglio Nazionale della Corporazioni), effectively in the hands of Mussolini and the PNF.

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