The three-letter abbreviation CFT may refer to:

  • (-)-2β-Carbomethoxy-3β-(4-fluorophenyl)tropane
  • California Federation of Teachers
  • Cardholder Funds Transfer
  • Cefatrizine
  • Chichester Festival Theatre
  • Class field theory
  • Classical field theory
  • The FAA code for Greenlee County Airport, in Clifton, Arizona, United States
  • Combat Fitness Test,
    • a test of fitness done by the British Army designed to assess soldiers' lower and upper body strength
    • Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test, a new test following United States Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test to test Marine's field readiness, the program is no longer a pass/fail but is implemented, it is based on a 300 point scoring system with a 270 as 1st class.
  • Combatting the financing of terrorism
  • Compact fluorescent tube, more or less synonymous with compact fluorescent lamp (depending on whether one calls the entire fixture the "lamp" and calls just the "light bulb" part the "tube")
  • Complement fixation test
  • Compassion focused therapy
  • Confédération Française du Travail a French yellow union previously known as Confédération du Travail Indépendant, 1947-1949 and Confédération Générale des Syndicats Indépendants from 1949 to 1959
  • Conformal field theory
  • Conformal fuel tanks
  • Continuous Fourier transform
  • Contract Field Teams, a United States Air Force program designed to supplement maintenance of military assets
  • Copious Free Time, an ironic term coined by Tom Lehrer to describe the non-existent free time due to being too busy with other things
  • Credit Fund Transfer
  • Cross File Transfer
  • Cross-functional team
  • Crystal field theory
  • Cubic Feet

Other articles related to "cft":

Terrorism Financing - Bank Processes
... In addition to normal AML controls, banks must focus on the CFT angle with renewed vigor and knowledge derived from the extensive databank of case studies now ... that identify transactions as potentially suspicious from a CFT perspective ... preventing identity theft is an integral part of any CFT program ...
Cross File Transfer - Functioning
... be declared in “the partners file” or “CFT directory” ... Each CFT partner has an ADL (Address Logic) number ... To share files, CFT must be installed on each platform ...
Terrorism Financing
... thwarting the financing of terrorism (CFT) and anti-money laundering (AML) making sure these were given some sort of adequate focus by US financial institutions ... accounts or doing business with US banks had to upgrade their AML/CFT processes ... Initially the focus of CFT efforts was on non-profit organisations, unregistered money services businessess (MSBs) (including so called underground banking ...
Cross File Transfer
... CFT (Cross File Transfer) (product name Synchrony Transfer CFT) is a secure computer file transfer program and protocol from Axway Inc, used extensively in French and banking industries in Europe ... CFT was for mainframe computers using the French X.25-based Transpac network, but was later ported to use Internet protocols (TCP/IP) as well ...
Algebraic Holography - Differences When Compared To AdS/CFT
... "In AdS/CFT, the boundary values of bulk fields are sources for operators of the boundary theory ... "In AdS/CFT, the bulk theory is necessarily a gravitational one ...