CFA Institute

CFA Institute is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, with offices around the world. Formerly known as the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR), CFA Institute awards the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. In addition to administering the CFA Exam, CFA Institute publishes the Financial Analysts Journal, founded in 1945. CFA Institute also operates the CFA Institute Centre for Financial Market Integrity and the Research Foundation of CFA Institute.

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CFA Institute - Member Societies
... The largest of CFA Institute's member societies are New York 10,945 members London 9,500 members Toronto 6,289 members Hong Kong 4,399 members Boston 4,526 members Chicago ...
Chartered Financial Analyst - The CFA Designation - Requirements
... (or a combination of education and work experience acceptable by the CFA Institute) ... may be written prior to satisfying this requirement Complete the CFA Program (mastery of the current CFA curriculum and passing three six-hour examinations) Become a member of the CFA Institute and apply ...
Chartered Financial Analyst - Trademark Disputes - India - ICFAI University and AICTE Vs CFAI
... CFA Institute is strictly not affiliated with the Chartered Financial Analyst degree offered by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI ... In 1998, CFA Institute's predecessor organization, AIMR, sued and won a judgment against ICFAI/CCFA ... The judgment prohibited ICFAI/CCFA and its members from using the CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst mark in the United States and Canada ...

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