Central News Agency Literary Award - Past Winners (incomplete List)

Past Winners (incomplete List)

  • 1996: Sarah Ruden: Other Places (English)
  • 1995: Margaret McCord: The Calling of Katie Makanye (English)
  • 1993: Nelson Mandela: Long Road to Freedom (English)
  • 1993: Chris Barnard: Moerland (Afrikaans)
  • 1989: Christopher Hope: White Boy Running (English)
  • 1984: J. M. Coetzee: Life & Times of Michael K (English)
  • 1982: André Brink: A Chain of Voices (English)
  • 1980: J. M. Coetzee: Waiting for the Barbarians; Nadine Gordimer (English)
  • 1979: Nadine Gordimer Burger's Daughter (English)
  • 1979: D.J Opperman Komas Uit 'N Bamboesstok (Afrikaans)
  • 1978: André Brink: Rumours of Rain (English)
  • 1977: J. M. Coetzee: In the Heart of the Country (English)
  • 1976: Etienne Leroux Magersfontein, O Magersfontein! (Afrikaans)
  • 1975: Nadine Gordimer,
  • 1975: Guy Butler: Selected Poems (English)
  • 1974: Nadine Gordimer
  • 1968: Chris Barnard: Duiwel-in-die-bos (Afrikaans)
  • 1965: André Brink: Olé (Afrikaans)
  • 1961: Siegfried Stander: The Desert Place (English)
  • 1961: Chris Barnard: Bekende onrus (Afrikaans)

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