CE - Miscellanea


  • Civil engineering
  • Civil engineer
  • Colonel Ebirt, former mascot for the College of William & Mary
  • Common Entrance Examination, tests used by independent schools in the UK
  • Conductive education, an educational system developed for people with motor disorders
  • Continuing education, a broad spectrum of post-secondary learning activities and programs
  • Copy editing, often abbreviated as ce
  • Customer equity
  • Chechen language (ISO 639-1 language code)
  • Counterexample
  • Halo: Combat Evolved, a video game
  • Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, a standardized examination from 1974 to 2011
  • Chaotic Evil, an alignment in the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons

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... The Meditationes Algebraicae (1770), where many of the results published in Miscellanea Analytica were reworked and expanded, was described by Joseph Louis Lagrange as ‘a work full of ... four chapters of the second part of Miscellanea Analytica ... His work on algebraic equations contained in Miscellanea Analytica was translated into Italian by Vincenzo Riccati in 1770 ...
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