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Apostolic Succession

As mentioned above, and very widely documented elsewhere, a retired Roman Catholic Bishop called Carlos Duarte Costa (1888–1961) founded the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (Igreja Católica Apostólica Brasileira) in 1945, informally referred to as the Brazilian Church or the Brazilian National Church. Bishop Duarte Costa was in favour of greater local autonomy for Catholic churches, an end to obligatory celibacy, Mass in the vernacular and greater discretion to liquidize church assets if the material needs of the faithful demanded it. None of Duarte Costa's demands ever received satisfaction from Rome (at least not in his lifetime).

Bishop Duarte Costa consecrated Salomao Barbosa Ferraz on 15 August 1945. Barbosa Ferraz (1880–1969) had been ordained an Anglican priest in 1917, and on 17 June 1928, he founded the non–denominational Order of San Andres. He called a "Free Catholic Congress" in 1936, establishing the "Free Catholic Church". The Order of San Andres and the Free Catholic Church (of Brazil) would eventually be merged, in the 1960s, into the Independent Catholic and Apostolic Church of Brazil (Igreja Catolica Apostolica Independente do Brazil). Salomao Barbosa Ferraz was eventually received into the Roman Catholic Church, which recognised his Episcopal consecration as valid, and he – and his wife – attended the sessions of the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965).

Bishop Barbosa Ferraz consecrated Manoel Ceia Laranjeira on 29 June 1951 in São Paulo, Brazil, assisted by an Anglican Bishop and a Bishop of a branch of the Old Catholic Church. He reorganised various factions of the Brazilian Church, shaken by Bishop Barbosa Ferraz's submission to Rome, and united them under the new legal title of Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil (Igreja Católica Apostólica Independente do Brasil).

Bishop Manoel Ceia Laranjeira consecrated Roberto Garrido Padin on 2 May 1989 at the Church of Santa Barbara in Salvador, Brazil, as diocesan bishop.

Bishop Roberto Garrido Padin consecrated Rómulo Antonio Braschi at the Greek Orthodox Basilica in Munich, Germany, in October 1998. Bishop Garrido Padin was assisted by Bishop Hilarios Karl-Heinz Ungerer of the German Free Catholic Church, formerly of the Old Catholic Mariavite Church, who was consecrated by Bishop Norbert Maas in 1976.

Bishop Braschi has since consecrated Father Ferdinand Regelsberger, a former Benedictine monk.

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