Cathode Bias

Cathode Bias

In order for a vacuum tube (or valve) to operate in a fairly linear region of its characteristic curve, the grid element must be maintained at a bias voltage more negative than the cathode. One method for accomplishing this is "cathode bias."

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... Its most unusual feature is the switchable rectifier and power amplifier bias scheme, allowing on-the-fly changes of operating mode and output power (as well as subjective tonal differences) ... The Prosonic's rear-mounted RECTIFIER/BIAS switch lets the user select from the following three options Solid-state rectification with fixed bias (marked "S.S ... Tube rectification with fixed bias (marked "AB2") ...
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... Perhaps the best discussion of cathode bias, in terms of clarity and simplicity, is to be found in one of the many editions of The RCA Receiving Tube Manual, in the applications section ... Excellent discussions of cathode bias may also be found in Basic Electronics, by Bernard Grob, published in no fewer than eight editions over the years (with continued revisions after his death) by McGraw Hill ...

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