Cash Transfers

Cash transfers are direct transfer payments of money to eligible people. Cash transfers are usually provided by the state and federal government.

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Cash Transfers - See Also
... Business and economics portal Basic income Conditional Cash Transfer Overseas Development Institute GiveDirectly ...
Unconditional Versus Conditional Cash Transfers
... discussion about whether conditionality, or conditions for the cash transfer, is necessary or important to a cash transfer program ... Research, such as the pilot conditional cash transfer program in Indonesia called Generasi, examined the importance of conditionality ... school attendance and therefore received unconditional cash transfers ...
Conditional Cash Transfer - Countries
... Conditional cash transfers exist in the following countries, among many others Brazil Bolsa Familia (formerly Bolsa Escola) started in the 1990s and expanded rapidly in 2001 and 2002 ... It provides monthly cash payments to poor households if their children (between the ages of 6 and 15) are enrolled in school ... In exchange, they receive from the state psychosocial support, protection bonds, guaranteed cash subsidies, and preferential access to skill development, work and ...
Social Safety Net - Common Interventions - Cash Transfers
... Cash transfers are defined as the provision of assistance in the form of cash to the poor or to those who face a probable risk of falling into poverty in the absence of the ... The growing use of cash transfers is driven significantly by improvement in their design and implementation ... Types of cash transfer include Needs-based assistance programs are mostly means-tested benefits which may either be a periodic or an occasional transfer, and may either be ...

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