Carrier Strikes

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USS Tingey (DD-539) - World War II
... Mitscher's Fast Carrier Task Force (then designated Task Force 58) ... Later that month, while supporting carrier strikes on Eton and Dublon in the Truk Islands, Tingey suffered casualties during an engagement with Japanese aircraft ... Montgomery's carrier task group and set course for Marcus and Wake Islands ...
USS Berkeley (DDG-15) - USN Operational History - 1960s
... Vietnamese attacks on Laos and South Vietnam, the carrier launched Vought F-8 "Crusader" jet aircraft to reconnoiter suspected communist infiltration ... On 2 August, she provided antiair protection to the task group during air strikes against North Vietnamese missile boats during the Tonkin Gulf incident. 4th, the guided-missile destroyer again screened the carrier during extensive retaliatory strikes on North Vietnamese gunboats and torpedo boats on 5 August ...

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