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Telephone Numbers In Brazil - International Calls - Outbound
... Outbound international calls use a 00 trunk prefix, followed by the carrier selection code (same as in domestic long-distance calls) and the international telephone number ... number +cc-aa-nnnn-nnnn (where cc is the country code and aa the area code), one would dial 00-xx-cc-aa-nnnn-nnnn, where xx is the carrier selection code ... (area code 202), United States (country code 1), using TIM as the chosen carrier (selection code 41), one would dial 555. 0123 ...
Telephone Numbers In Brazil - Long-distance Dialing
... dialing is relatively unusual and somewhat confusing, insofar as the choice of long-distance carrier determines the actual digit sequence to be dialed ... number in Brazil is (aa) nnnn-nnnn, where aa is the area code and nnnn-nnnn is the local phone number ... of old habits from the time when carrier codes were not used (see below), the format (0aa) nnnn-nnnn is still commonly seen, but this usage is discouraged, since ...
Brazilian Carrier Selection Code
... Country Code +55 International Call Prefix 00 then Carrier Code Trunk Prefix 0 then Carrier Code In Brazil, ANATEL (the National Telecommunications Agency) instituted a system ... For example, to dial from another city to Rio de Janeiro using the carrier Telefonica, one would dial Where the starting single '0' marks the call as long-distance, '15' is the ... To make an international (DDI) call to the United States using the carrier Intelig, one would dial Where the double '00' marks the call as international, '23' is the Intelig carrier ...

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