Carquinez Strait

The Carquinez Strait is a narrow tidal strait in northern California. It is part of the tidal estuary of the Sacramento and the San Joaquin rivers as they drain into the San Francisco Bay. The strait connects Suisun Bay, which receives the waters of the combined rivers, with San Pablo Bay, a northern extension of the San Francisco Bay.

In 1985, an errant humpback whale swam up the Carquinez Strait as far as Rio Vista. Named Humphrey the whale by the media, he was successfully turned around and rescued by The Marine Mammal Center and other volunteers.

The USNS Glomar Explorer (T-AG-193) was moored for many years at the eastern end of the strait.

Carquinez Strait Powerline Crossing was the world's first powerline crossing of a large river.

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Interstate 780 - History
... By 1914, a paved county road connected Vallejo and Benicia north of the Carquinez Strait, following the present Maine Street, Benicia Road, Columbus Parkway, and K Street ... (A short spur connecting Vallejo to the Carquinez Bridge was added to Route 74 in 1937.) Route 74 initially entered Benicia on K Street and left on East Fifth Street, making several turns in between. 69, 108, 107, 75, and 74, crossing the Carquinez Strait on the proposed Benicia-Martinez Bridge and ending at I-80 near downtown Vallejo ...
Martinez, California - Geography
... carries Highway 680 across the eastern end of the Carquinez Strait to Solano County ... bounds the city to the north along the Carquinez Strait ... Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline includes the Franklin Hills west of downtown, stretching west to the unincorporated community of Port Costa and the town of Crockett ...
Carquinez Strait Powerline Crossing
... Carquinez Strait Powerline Crossing was the world's first powerline crossing of a large river ... For this a crossing of Carquinez Strait was required, which has at its narrowest point a width of 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) ...
Carquinez Bridge - History and Description
... Prior to this, crossing the Carquinez Strait necessitated the use of ferries ... Railroad that preceded it nearly sixty years earlier, chose to avoid crossing the Carquinez Strait entirely ... preferable to the even more formidable prospect of bridging the Carquinez Strait, a deep channel with strong currents and frequent high winds ...
Carquinez Strait - Formation of Delta
... The narrow gap in the Coast Range that forms the strait has led to the formation of the San Joaquin-Sacramento River Delta, an inverted river delta, upstream of it, a rare geological feature ... The strait is too small to allow the passage of huge amounts of floodwaters created during years that have tropical storms lined up, one after another, dropping torrential rainfall and melting snowpack ...

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