• (adj): Of or relating to the Frankish dynasty founded by Charlemagne's father.
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Carolingian (disambiguation)
... Carolingian is an adjective applied to topics concerning or in the time of the Carolingian dynasty in medieval history ... Carolingian has been applied to Carolingian Empire, founded by Charlemagne ... Carolingian minuscule, a type of writing Carolingian G, a written letter G Carolingian Renaissance, a cultural revival in Europe Carolingian art, a type of ...
Swan Sequence
... shall cry out, my sons") is an anonymous Carolingian–Aquitainian Latin sequence first recorded around 850 ... Patristic literature, earlier Carolingian literature, and early vernacular literature all use avian imagery for the wandering, searching mind or soul ... The Swan Sequence, along with the rest of Carolingian and vernacular literature, are borrowing from the patristic, exegetical, and liturgical traditions ...
Medieval Christians - High Middle Ages (800–1300) - Carolingian Renaissance
... The Carolingian Renaissance was a period of intellectual and cultural revival during the late 8th and 9th centuries, mostly during the reigns of Charlemagne and Louis the Pious ... The period also saw the development of Carolingian minuscule, the ancestor of modern lower-case script, and the standardisation of Latin which had hitherto become varied and irregular (see Medieval ...
... "Bosonids" produced counts, dukes, bishops, and knights during the Carolingian age ... Eventually they married into the royal Carolingian family and even produced kings and an emperor of the Frankish Empire ... basis, he sought to take the place of his Carolingian relatives on the imperial and Italian thrones in 900 ...
Codex Vigilanus
... stylistically unique, combining Visigothic, Mozarabic, and Carolingian elements ... The interlace patterns and the drapery show Carolingian, as well Italo-Byzantine, influence ... More Carolingian and less Byzantine influence is evident in the Codex Aemilianensis, a copy of the Vigilanus made at San Millán de la Cogolla in 992 by a different illustrator ...

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  • (noun): A member of the Carolingian dynasty.
    Synonyms: Carlovingian