Carnatic War

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Timeline Of British History (1700–1799) - The Kingdom of Great Britain - King George II (1727-1760) - Broad Bottom Ministry (1744–1754)
... Britain engages in war on France in the North American theatre, marking the start of King George's War, the third French and Indian War, ending American colonial neutrality in the ... François Dupleix supported Chandra Sahib as the heir to the Nawab of the Carnatic, Britain supported the successor named by the Mughal Nazim of Hyderabad, Anwaruddin Muhammed Khan ... India Company and the French East India Company, the First Carnatic War begins, putting an end to the neutrality of said Companies in the War of the Austrian Succession ...
List Of Wars Involving France - French Colonial Empire
... Siamese revolution of 1688 French and Iroquois Wars Chickasaw Wars First Carnatic War Second Carnatic War (1748-1754) French and Indian Wars King William's War Acadia and New England Theatre ... Albany (1693) Capture of York Factory Battle of Hudson's Bay Queen Anne's War King George's War Raid on Canso Siege of Annapolis Royal (1744) Siege of Annapolis Royal (1745) Siege of Port ... John River Campaign Battle of Restigouche Battle of Signal Hill Third Carnatic War Battle of Chandannagar Battle of Plassey Battle of Cuddalore (1758) Battle of Negapatam (1758) Battle of ...
Carnatic Wars - Third Carnatic War (1757–1763)
... Third Carnatic War Chandannagar Plassey Cuddalore Negapatam Condore Pondicherry Battle Masulipatam Madras Chinsurah Wandiwash Pondicherry Siege Theaters of the Seven Years ... The Third Carnatic War spread beyond southern India and into Bengal where British forces captured the French settlement of Chandernagore (now Chandannagar) in 1757 ... However, the war was decided in the south, as British commander Sir Eyre Coote decisively defeated the French under the Comte de Lally at the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760 ...
Nasir Jung - Second Carnatic War
... Second Carnatic War Ambur Divicotta Tanjore Trichinopoly Arcot Arnee Chingleput Golden Rock Seringham Sugar-Loaf Rock Tondeman's Woods After the death of the Nizam-ul-Mulk ... Sahib who wanted to become Nawab of Carnatic and joined the cause of Muzaffar Jung and began to conspire against Nawab Anwar-ud-din Muhammad Khan in Arcot ... The Europeans got directly involved in the affairs of the Deccan and Carnatic ...
Hyder Ali - Rise To Power
... to succeed him is known as the Second Carnatic War, and pitted Asaf Jah's son Nasir Jung against a cousin, Muzaffar Jung ... In these early wars he also came to dislike and mistrust Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah, the Nawab of the Carnatic ... Throughout the Carnatic Wars, Hyder Ali and his Mysore battalions served alongside French commanders such as Joseph Francois Dupleix, Count de Lally and De Bussy, he also assisted Chanda Sahib on various ...

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