Carnatic Region

Carnatic Region

The Carnatic coast /kɑrˈnætɨk/ is the region of South India lying between the Eastern Ghats and the Coromandel Coast, in the modern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, south eastern Karnataka and southern Andhra Pradesh.

There are several theories as to the derivation of the term. It may derive from the Sanskrit language karņāţakam from karņa = "ear" + aţati = "he pleases" = "that which pleases the ear", thus "Karnāṭaka saṃgīta" = "Karnataka music".

According to Bishop Robert Caldwell, in his Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian Languages, the term is derived from kar, black, and nadu, country, i.e. the black country, which refers to the black soil prevalent on the plateau of the Southern Deccan.

Hattangadi Narayan Rao suggests a derivation from karu, elevated, + nadu, land, "an elevated land", also descriptive of the region's geography.

The English spelling "Carnatic" seems to have been influenced by Latin carnaticus = "pertaining to flesh".

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