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List Of Songs In Rock Band - Main Setlist
... Players can play Rock Band alone through a Career mode for lead guitar, drums, and vocals, earning in-game money for their character to purchase new ... In career mode each song in a tier must be successfully completed to move onto the next and unlock the songs in that tier ... even though the songs are not used to unlock new songs in career mode ...
Punch-Out!! (Wii) - Gameplay - Single Player
... The game features several modes, including Career Mode, which has Little Mac climbing the ranks of the World Video Boxing Association and defeating all of the boxers along the way ... A new feature in the game, available after beating the Career Mode once, is Title Defense Mode ... This is a much harder mode, and some of the boxers have new tricks and ways to protect their weaknesses, requiring players to figure out how to exploit them once again ...
List Of Songs In Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks The 80s
... The songs can be played across four different difficulty levels in Career mode (presented in a progressive series of tiers), Quickplay mode, and both competitive and cooperative modes ... of four songs and one encore song during Career mode, the player must complete three or four songs in that tier depending on their chosen difficulty level, and then complete the ... features a set list consisting of thirty songs in the main Career mode ...
Need For Speed: Undercover - Gameplay
... In addition, the player gets to drive a police vehicle in a mission in career mode, which consists of stealing a Nissan GTR state police car ... Gallardo - there's no GTR in them), the player earns from Chase Linh three police cars in career mode (Mustang GT, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche 911 GT2) after reaching certain parts of the game ... still be "Totaled" in the new "Highway Battle" mode (except PlayStation 2 and Wii) and in some missions in career mode ...
Sensible World Of Soccer - Career Mode
... a club of your choice, and either sit and watch them play in Coach mode—or control the players as you would in any other Sensible Soccer game, in Player-Manager mode ... In the time of a career which lasts 20 years the player manager can get job offers from other clubs and also from a national team, depending on his success ...

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    Young children learn in a different manner from that of older children and adults, yet we can teach them many things if we adapt our materials and mode of instruction to their level of ability. But we miseducate young children when we assume that their learning abilities are comparable to those of older children and that they can be taught with materials and with the same instructional procedures appropriate to school-age children.
    David Elkind (20th century)

    It is a great many years since at the outset of my career I had to think seriously what life had to offer that was worth having. I came to the conclusion that the chief good for me was freedom to learn, think, and say what I pleased, when I pleased. I have acted on that conviction... and though strongly, and perhaps wisely, warned that I should probably come to grief, I am entirely satisfied with the results of the line of action I have adopted.
    Thomas Henry Huxley (1825–95)