Carder may refer to:

  • Carder (name), a surname
  • A practitioner of carding, a method of preparing wool for use as a textile
  • A practitioner of carding, in the context of credit card fraud

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Carding - The Process - Drum Carders
... The simplest machine carder is the drum carder ... Most drum carders are hand-cranked but some are powered by electric motor ... Some drum carders have a soft-bristled brush attachment that presses the fibre into the storage drum ...
Carding - General Information
... The large drum carders do not tend to get along well with lanolin, so most commercial worsted and woollen mills wash the wool before carding ... Hand carders (and small drum carders too, though the directions may not recommend it) can be used to card lanolin rich wool ...
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... They welcomed outcast Wild Carders to the island and ultimately drew the ire of the government through their alliance with a group of body swapping ... an official congressional fact finding mission made up of various politicians and notable Wild Carders who traveled to various other countries to observe the treatment of ... The new revolutionary government welcomed Wild Carders, particularly Jokers, to their country and elected one of Meadow's multiple identities as President ...