Card - The Card

The Card may refer to:

  • The Card, Arnold Bennett's 1911 novel
    • The Card (1922 film), based on the novel
    • The Card (1952 film), based on the novel
    • The Card (musical), based on the novel
  • The Card, a 2012 novel by Graham Rawle
  • "The Card", an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants (season 6)

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Cheating In Poker - Skilled Methods - Marked Cards
... Marked cards are printed or altered so that the cheater can know the value of specific cards while only looking at the back ... A common way of marking cards involves marks on a round design on the card so as to be read like a clock (an ace is marked at one o'clock, and so on until the king, which is not marked) ... Shading a card by putting it in the sun or scratching the surface with a razor are ways to mark an already printed deck ...
Delaney Card - The Card
... Each Delaney Card contains the name of one student in class, and lists their names, telephone numbers, addresses and other vital information of each student ... The teacher keeps a large book with sturdy slotted cardboard pages, with a Delaney card in each slot ... The cards are arranged alphabetically by student last name, or placed according to the position of each student's desk, much like a law school professor's class facebook ...
Oyster Card - Visual Design - Staff Cards
... The standard public Oyster card is blue but colour variants are used by transport staff ... A pale blue version is issued to TfL Staff A purple card is issued for bus operators A red card is issued to retired TfL Staff A current member of TfL Staff can ...
Oyster Card - Visual Design - Designs
... the first version of the standard Oyster card for the public were originally released with the roundels on the front of the cards in red ... Standard issues of the Oyster card have been updated since the first public release in order to meet TfL's Design Standards ... So far, there have been three issues of the standard Oyster card, including the original red roundel issue, but all three Oyster cards have retained their original dimensions of 85mm x ...

Famous quotes containing the word card:

    Mothers are not the nameless, faceless stereotypes who appear once a year on a greeting card with their virtues set to prose, but women who have been dealt a hand for life and play each card one at a time the best way they know how. No mother is all good or all bad, all laughing or all serious, all loving or all angry. Ambivalence rushes through their veins.
    Erma Bombeck (20th century)

    The Card Catalogue: “See also” leads into the wilderness.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)