Cap Badge

A cap badge, also known as head badge or hat badge, is a badge worn on uniform headgear and distinguishes the wearer's nationality and/or organisation. The wearing of cap badges is a convention commonly found among military and police forces, as well as uniformed civilian groups such as the Boy Scouts, civil defence organizations, paramedical units (e.g. the St. John Ambulance Brigade), customs services, fire services etc.

Cap badges are a modern form of heraldry and their design generally incorporates highly symbolic devices.

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Les Voltigeurs De Québec - Cap Badge - Symbolism
... The badge, incorporating the arms and motto "FORCE À SUPERBE MERCY À FOIBLE"" of the family of d'Irumberry de Salaberry, was adopted in 1892 in recognition of this family's services to the military of Canada ...
The Birmingham Pals - Badges
... The cap badge of The Birmingham Pals was that of The Royal Warwickshire Regiment, with an additional scroll beneath the regimental title bearing the additional title 1st, 2nd or 3rd Birmingham ... The 17th Battalion had no discreet cap-badge ... Cap badge, 14th (Service)(1st Birmingham) Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 1914 - 1919 ...
Cap Badge - Police
... and municipal police forces, utilize forage caps and metal cap badges, though it is not uncommon to see modern police personnel on duty without headdress ...
Scottish Yeomanry - Uniform - Headdress & Cap Badge
... The scarlet hussar cap of the Ayrshire Yeomanry was adopted for wear with ceremonial uniforms with subalterns wearing silver peaks, as worn in the QOY, and field ... with cock feather was often worn in place of the scarlet cap ... The cap badge of the regiment consisted of the Lion Rampant of Scotland upon crossed lances under the Scottish Crown ...
Middlesex Yeomanry - Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve 1967
... and a crown, and Middlesex Yeomanry collar badges continued to be worn on regulation uniform, but the Middlesex Yeomanry cap badge was replaced for the Royal Signals 'Mercur ... Officers caps have an embroidered cap badge, in gold on rifle green cloth, of an oval strap bearing the motto Pro Aris et Focis, in the centre the cypher MYC, and the whole ensigned by St Edward's ... of the Squadron wear a metal Middlesex Yeomanry collar badge and the khaki/green woven lanyard representing the rigging line of an army parachute commemorating the previous airborne role rather than the ...

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    Just across the Green from the post office is the county jail, seldom occupied except by some backwoodsman who has been intemperate; the courthouse is under the same roof. The dog warden usually basks in the sunlight near the harness store or the post office, his golden badge polished bright.
    —Administration for the State of Con, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    In time your relatives will come to accept the idea that a career is as important to you as your family. Of course, in time the polar ice cap will melt.
    Barbara Dale (b. 1940)