Canceled Apollo Missions - Surplus Hardware

Surplus Hardware

Two complete Saturn Vs went unused after the Apollo program, SA-514 and SA-515, as well as the third stage of the SA-513. SA-513 was the original launch vehicle destined for the Apollo 18 mission; it was used to launch Skylab (its third stage built from a converted S-IVB #212).

  • At the Johnson Space Center the Saturn V display is made up of the first stage of SA-514, the second stage from SA-515 and the third stage from SA-513. This display includes a production command/service module (CSM-115) which was never completed after funding was cut.
  • At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex the Saturn V display is made up of S-IC-T (static test stage) and the second and third stages from SA-514. The command module on display at KSC is a boilerplate, BP-30. The stack used to be displayed outdoors in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building and was a stop for tour buses, and was later restored and moved indoors to the Apollo/Saturn V Center.
  • The first stage from SA-515 resides at the Michoud Assembly Facility, New Orleans, Louisiana. The third stage was converted into a backup to the Skylab space station. It is now on display at the National Air and Space Museum.

The last complete, unflown Saturn IB, SA-209, kept on standby for a possible Skylab Rescue mission, is on display in the Rocket Garden of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, topped by an Apollo boilerplate in place of the rescue spacecraft. The second stage of SA-212 was converted into the prime Skylab space station. Three other surplus Saturn IBs (SA-211 through 214) were scrapped.

Likewise the canceled flights' CSMs and LMs went either unused or were used for other missions:

  • After Apollo 15's original H mission was canceled, there was a surplus H mission CSM and Lunar Module. CSM-111 was used for the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project. LM-9 is on display at the Kennedy Space Center (Apollo/Saturn V Center)
  • Apollo 18's CSM and LM were used by Apollo 17.
  • Apollo 19's CSM (#115) is displayed on the Saturn V located at the Johnson Space Center. Its LM (LM-13, originally assigned to Apollo 18) was only partially completed by Grumman, and was used as a prop for the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon in Moon exploration scenes. It is now on display at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island.
  • Apollo 20's CSM was never completed and was scrapped. The LM was also scrapped before completion, though there are some unconfirmed reports that some parts (in addition to parts from the LM test vehicle LTA-3) are included in the LM on display at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • The Skylab Rescue CSM-119 is on display at the Apollo/Saturn V Center at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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