Cameron Highlanders

Cameron Highlanders may refer to:

  • The people of the Cameron Highlands

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Cameron Highlanders - Military Units
... The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (1793–1961), former infantry regiment of the British Army The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (1856–1866 1881-present), Primary ...
Liverpool Scottish - Interbellum and Second World War
... Scottish formalised its relationship with the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders and transferred in 1937 to become the regiment's second territorial ... that the King's Regiment encompassed in north-west England, the Cameron Highlanders area of recruitment in the Highlands was sparsely populated ... Scottish supplied drafts to other units, principally to the Cameron Highlanders, and formed contingents for the embryonic "Independent Companies" that became the Army "Co ...
The Cameron Highlanders Of Ottawa - The Regimental Identity
... The Camerons are proudly known as Ottawa's regiment, and they hold the Freedom of the City of Ottawa ... of the wreath there are two rolls, the upper inscribed THE CAMERON HIGHLANDERS the lower OF OTTAWA (M.G.) ... A new recruit to the regiment is given their Balmoral bonnet headdress and their Camerons cap badge upon completion of their Soldier Qualification course ...
The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Of Canada Museum
... The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders Museum is a military museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba ... located at the Minto Armoury is dedicated to Manitoba's famous Scottish regiment, The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada, which was first raised in 1910 ...

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