Cambrian Explosion

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History Of Paleontology - Overview of Developments in The 20th Century - Cambrian Explosion
... that has seen a lot of activity during the 1980s, 1990s, and beyond is the study of the Cambrian explosion during which many of the various phyla of animals with their distinctive body ... The well-known Burgess Shale Cambrian fossil site was found in 1909 by Charles Doolittle Walcott, and another important site in Chengjiang China was found in 1912 ...
Evolutionary History Of Life - Emergence of Animals
... The Ediacara biota, which flourished for the last 40 Ma before the start of the Cambrian, were the first animals more than a very few centimeters long ... shelly fauna are a very mixed collection of fossils found between the Late Ediacaran and Mid Cambrian periods ... Some tiny Early Cambrian shells almost certainly belonged to molluscs, while the owners of some "armor plates", Halkieria and Microdictyon, were eventually identified when more complete specimens were found in ...

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