• (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of Calvinism or its adherents.
    Synonyms: Calvinistic, Calvinistical
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Christian Views On The Old Covenant - Distinct Views - Calvinist
... While the view affirms the Roman Catholic view relating to the Sabbath in Christianity, some advocates hold that the commandment concerning the Sabbath was redefined by Jesus ... Advocates of this view hold that, while not always easy to do and overlap between categories does occur, the divisions they make are possible and supported based on information contained in the commands themselves specifically to whom they are addressed, whom or what they speak about, and their content ...
Calvinist Church At Hrnčiarska Street
... The Calvinist Church (Slovak Kalvínsky kostol) at Hrnčiarska ulica (English Pottery Street) in Košice, Slovakia was initially an army store-house ... In the years 1805–11 it was rebuilt to a Calvinist church with a new 48-metre slender spire ...
Andrzej Leszczyński (1606–1651)
... Imperial Count and a supporter of Polish Calvinists ... A Calvinist himself, he was tolerant of any religious minorities, and was a major protector of Calvinist churches in Baranów Sandomierski, Romanów and ... Though baptised Calvinist, his Roman Catholic uncle Bogusław Leszczyński was his guardian, and brought up the boy as a Roman Catholic ...
Laudianism in Practice
... Indeed, James reacted to this episode by moving his support to anti-Calvinist churchmen such as Lancelot Andrewes at Winchester, Montaigne at London and at last elevating Laud to the episcopate, thus radically shifting ... primacy had been filled with a succession of Laudians since the death of Calvinist Matthews in 1628 and from 1632 it was occupied by Neile, the one-time mentor of William Laud ... that this placed on the act of communion directly contradicted the Calvinist doctrine of salvation through faith alone, the knowledge of which was communicated through preaching, although the practice ...
Calvinist Church, USA - History - Spread
... Most settlers in the American Mid-Atlantic and New England were Calvinists, including the English Puritans, the French Huguenot and Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam (New ... Dutch Calvinist settlers were also the first successful European colonizers of South Africa, beginning in the 17th century, who became known as Boers or Afrikaners ... Sierra Leone was largely colonized by Calvinist settlers from Nova Scotia, who were largely Black Loyalists, blacks who had fought for the British ...

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  • (noun): An adherent of the theological doctrines of John Calvin.

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    Mr. Treat is described as a Calvinist of the strictest kind, not one of those who, by giving up or explaining away, become like a porcupine disarmed of its quills, but a consistent Calvinist, who can dart his quills at a distance and courageously defend himself.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)