Calvin and The Colonel - Episodes


# Title Teleplay by Original air date
1 "The Television Job" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher October 3, 1961
Calvin and Colonel gets a job picking up television sets and delivering them to the repairman. Things go wrong when they pick up a wrong television set and break it.
2 "The Polka Dot Bandit" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher October 10, 1961
The Colonel suspects that his sister-in-law is a jewel thief.
3 "Thanksgiving Dinner" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher October 17, 1961
The Colonel has to find Thanksgiving food for his relatives he carelessly invited one year ago.
4 "The Costume Ball" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher October 24, 1961
Maggie Belle kicks Colonel out and winds up at Calvin's place. He gets invited to a costume ball, unaware that Maggie Belle is also there.
5 "Sycamore Lodge" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher October 31, 1961
The mountain cabin that the Colonel has rented turns out to be flooded. Unable to get a refund, the Colonel rents the cabin to Calvin.
6 "Money in the Closet" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher November 7, 1961
Needing to replace all the money that the Colonel spent, he convinces Calvin that he's a movie star material.
7 "Calvin Gets Psychoanalyzed" January 27, 1962
Calvin visits a psychiatrist so he can have a better understanding of why his girlfriend, Georgianna, dropped him.
8 "Wheeling and Dealing" T. Hee February 3, 1962
After breaking his nephew's car, the Colonel tries to get insurance on it.
9 "The Wrecking Crew" Bob Ross February 10, 1962
The Colonel takes a job as a construction worker. He then learns of a way to make even more money ... by injuring himself on the job site and collecting insurance payments.
10 "The Colonel's Old Flame" February 17, 1962
Several years ago, the Colonel promised his then-sweetheart, Boo Boo Winters, that he'd marry her. But instead of Boo Boo, he married Maggie Belle. Now Boo Boo unexpectedly returns, demanding that The Colonel live up to his promise.
11 "Sister Sue and the Police Captain" February 24, 1962
It looks like marriage for Sister Sue and a police captain until the Colonel wrecks the captain's car.
12 "Jim Dandy Cleaners" March 3, 1962
At her place of work, Maggie Bell is given the task of having the typewriters sent out to be cleaned. But when she becomes ill, her husband The Colonel takes over the project.
13 "Jealousy" March 10, 1962
Tossed out by his wife, the Colonel concludes another man has entered her life.
14 "Cloakroom" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher March 17, 1962
Calvin and the Colonel starts a cloakroom business at the night club. Things go wrong when they lose one of the coats.
15 "Sister Sue's Sweetheart" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher March 24, 1962
The Colonel tries to stop Sister Sue's wedding after finding out that the $500-a-month from her deceased husband's estate will be cut off.
16 "The Winning Number" March 31, 1962
The Colonel hopes to win the Lucky Buck contest but Calvin has the winning dollar bill.
17 "Calvin's Glamour Girl" April 7, 1962
Calvin tries to fool his girlfriend's mother into believing that he's wealthy.
18 "Colonel Out-Foxes Himself" April 14, 1962
Leaving the Colonel money to pay the rent, Maggie and Sister Sue head for Nashville to visit relatives.
19 "Nephew Newton's Fortune" Bob Ross April 21, 1962
The Colonel finds out that his visiting nephew Newton owns a stock worth thousands of dollars.
20 "Calvin's Tax Problem" Joe Connelly & Bob Mosher April 28, 1962
Needing money to reclaim his repossessed furniture, the Colonel becomes a tax consultant when Calvin needs help with his income tax return.
21 "Women's Club Picnic" May 5, 1962
Maggie Bell entrusts The Colonel with money that her club is planning to use for their picnic.
22 "Magazine Romance" May 12, 1962
The Colonel takes Maggie Belle to a nightclub after she accuses him of being unromantic.
23 "Ring Reward" May 19, 1962
The Colonel discovers that the faux diamond ring that Calvin bought is actually the real thing...and stolen.
24 "The Carnappers" May 26, 1962
The Colonel is delighted after his car gets stolen and can collect insurance money.
25 "Colonel Traps a Thief" June 2, 1962
Calvin and Colonel decide to try to stop a thief that's been breaking and entering his apartment.
26 "Back to Nashville" June 9, 1962
The Colonel, Maggie Belle and Sister Sue are planning to visit Uncle Selby in Nashville. The Colonel is looking for a way to save money, so he invites Calvin along in hopes that he'll share in the cost of the trip.

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