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The Adversary is a demonic supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe.

The character, created by Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr., first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #187-188 (November–December 1984). The character subsequently appears in Uncanny X-Men #220-227 (August 1987-March 1988), Wolverine #86 (October 1994), and X-Factor #118-121 (January–April 1996).

Within the context of the stories, the Adversary is a demon who is initially summoned by the X-Men member Forge during the Vietnam War. While Forge banishes the demon, the Adversary has a foothold on the Earth thanks to Forge's actions. Years later, Forge's mentor Nazé is killed and his form and memories are stolen by a Dire Wraith, an alien parasite. The Nazé impostor summons the Adversary, only to be destroyed by the demon. The Adversary is then able to escape the dimension to which he was bound, capturing Forge and his ally, Storm of the X-Men, and imprisoning them in the otherworldly stronghold of the goddess Roma, whom he subdued. The Adversary then battles the combined forces of the X-Men and Freedom Force during the "Fall of the Mutants" crossover. The Adversary is permanently banished when nine souls willingly sacrifice themselves in a magical spell. The X-Men died, but Roma secretly returned them to life.

The Adversary later returned to Earth, having been born physically on Earth as the son of Haven, but was again banished by Forge, who was at the time affiliated with X-Factor.

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