Cabo is Spanish and Portuguese for cape. It may refer to:

  • Cabo (card game)
  • Cabo San Lucas, resort town in Mexico, colloquially called "Cabo"
  • Cabo Verde, the Portuguese name for Cape Verde
  • Cabo Girão, a cliff on Madeira
  • Cabo Wabo, a nightclub
  • Cabo Delgado, a province of Mozambique
  • Cape Delgado, a cape on the border of Mozambique and Tanzania
  • Cabo Blanco (disambiguation)
  • Cabo Rojo (disambiguation)
  • Cabo Meredith in the Falkland Islands
  • Cabo Polonio in Uruguay
  • Cabo Corrientes in western Mexico
  • Cabo Frio, is a Brazilian municipality
  • Cabo Catoche, QR, Mexico
  • San José del Cabo
  • Cabo de São Vicente
  • Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica
  • Cabo Orange National Park
  • Cabo Yachts

The acronym CABO may refer to

  • The California Association of Bicycling Organizations
  • Council of American Building Officials