C Date and Time Functions - Overview of Functions

Overview of Functions

The C date and time operations are defined in the time.h header file (ctime header in C++).

Identifier Description
difftime computes the difference between times
time returns the current time of the system as time since the epoch (which is usually the Unix epoch)
clock returns a processor tick count associated with the process
asctime converts a tm object to a textual representation
ctime converts a time_t object to a textual representation
strftime converts a tm object to custom textual representation
wcsftime converts a tm object to custom wide string textual representation
gmtime converts time since the epoch to calendar time expressed as Universal Coordinated Time
localtime converts time since the epoch to calendar time expressed as local time
mktime converts calendar time to time since the epoch
Constants CLOCKS_PER_SEC number of processor clock ticks per second
Types tm calendar time type
time_t time since the epoch type
clock_t process running time type

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