César Valverde Vega

César Valverde Vega (8 March 1928 - 3 December 1998) was a Costa Rican painter.

Biography César Valverde Vega was born in San Jose, Costa Rica on 8 March 1928. His parents were César Valverde Monestel and Hilma Vega Jiménez. His father left for New York before Valverde Vega was born, so in 1930, he and his mother left for the United States to find him. After his return to Costa Rica, Valverde Vega attended primary school at Escuela Buenaventura Corrales and after, at Collegio Seminario, from where he graduated and received his bachelor's degree in 1945. At the University of Costa Rica, he chose to study law, in part because of pressure from his father, who didn't think that a career in painting could support him. He ended up studying Fine Arts in addition to his work in law, and he eventually finishing with this degree as well. He went on to study law in Spain and art in France and Italy. In 1962 he was married to Dorothy Stark Stabler and together they had three children: Giovanna (b. 1963, a diplomat with the Costa Rican government), César (b. 1965, a professor at Illinois Wesleyan University) and Rocío (1967).

He worked for several years in the Costa Rican government's a Oficina de Planificación, until the 1970s when he became able to dedicate all of his time to painting. He was a professor of visual arts at the University of Costa Rica, where he fulfilled the duties of the college's Director in the mid-70s.

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