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Buzz - Other Uses
... Buzz (airline), a discount airline formerly operating in Europe Buzz cut, American name for a type of haircut in which the hair is sheared very closely to the scalp ... Air Force aircraft after World War II Buzz (dinghy), a sailing dinghy Salt Lake Buzz, former name of the Salt Lake Bees minor league baseball team Marketing buzz, a term used in word of mouth marketing ...
Scalp Treatment - Plot
... We discover Woody Woodpecker in the barber's chair reading a magazine, with Indian barber Buzz Buzzard stropping the blade of a tomahawk ... Buzz tests the blade's sharpness by dropping a feather, which lands on the blade and slowly splits into two parts, each part floating in the air ... Buzz trims the feathers on Woody's head, then, with "Feather Tonic," he gives Woody a vigorous scalp massage which, when finished, gives Woody's head the appearance of an Indian headdress, beautiful ...
Scalp Treatment - Notes
... Scalp Treatment marks the first occasion Dal McKennon provided any dialogue for Buzz Buzzard, albeit off-screen (he says the brief line, "No got wampum!", in ... It is the first line of dialogue Buzz spoke since McKennon took over the role from original actor Lionel Stander (who was forced from the role in 1951 when he was blacklisted) ... who performed his vocal effects for the past year, would provide Buzz's talking voice regularly beginning with the next entry, The Great Who-Dood-It ...
Stage Hoax - Plot
... Woody then drives the stagecoach and meets the real "Buzz Buzzard the Bandit" astride a horse ... Buzz forces Woody to drive to his hideout cottage ... Woody, again disguised as a woman, causes Buzz's heart to flutter as he hastens to put his house in order, dress in "full dress and silk hat," and get ready to welcome Woody ...
Buzz!: Brain Of The World
... Buzz! Brain of.. ... is the eighth title in the Buzz! series of quiz video games ... The questions in Buzz! Brain of the UK are specifically about UK general knowledge ...

Famous quotes containing the word buzz:

    Next to an old-fashioned church social, or possibly a monster bridge party, there is no buzz which can equal the sibilant buzz of a matinée.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)

    “... You can hear the small buzz saws whine, the big saw
    Caterwaul to the hills around the village
    As they both bite the wood. It’s all our music.
    One ought as a good villager to like it.
    No doubt it has a sort of prosperous sound,
    And it’s our life.”
    “Yes, when it’s not our death.”
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    The dreary flies, lazy and casual,
    Stick to the ceiling, buzz along the wall.
    O heart, the spider shuffles from the mould
    Weaving, between the pinks and grapes, his pall.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)