Burlap Rings

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Survivor Philippines: Palau - The Game - Cycle 7: Days 19-21
... Face-off Challenge Using burlap rings as foot grippers, cast-offs must climb up poles and stay over a designated black line in the pole for as long as possible ... To make the challenge harder, the burlap rings would be removed after two minutes ... challenge, while Louie was the first to reach the top of his pole, when the burlap rings were taken off, he was also the first to fall down, giving Justine ...

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    It is told that some divorcees, elated by their freedom, pause on leaving the courthouse to kiss a front pillar, or even walk to the Truckee to hurl their wedding rings into the river; but boys who recover the rings declare they are of the dime-store variety, and accuse the throwers of fraudulent practices.
    —Administration in the State of Neva, U.S. public relief program. Nevada: A Guide to the Silver State (The WPA Guide to Nevada)