Bundesliga Scandal (2005) - The Response of The DFB

The Response of The DFB

The DFB-Kontrollausschuss (DFB Committee of Control) reacted to the scandal with a number of measures intended to prevent similar incidents in the future:

  • The committee originally intended to follow the UEFA practice of designating game officials on just two days notice before the match, rather than on the existing schedule of four day's notice. This suggestion was abandoned as impractical.
  • Referees who are promoted to officiate in second division games will first be observed over a three-year period in the Regionalliga.
  • Previously, matches involving Bundesliga teams in the German Cup had not been subject to observation by an arbitrator, but will be in the future. This fourth official will be certified for first division matches and able to act as a substitute game official on short notice if required.
  • Substitutions may be made for the two junior game officials on the day of the match at the direction of league officials.
  • Video replays will be used more extensively in future.
  • Where a potential problem has been identified with game officials, all those involved may be subject to an immediate interim suspension under the "Betradar" early warning system until the issue is resolved.
  • The DFB is proposing to offer its own sports betting program for the league in 2006-07 in order to have some control and oversight of the popular and lucrative sideline.
  • There is some consideration of responsibility for the selection of game officials being put into the hands of the DFL (Deutsche Fußball Liga or German Football League), the governing body responsible for all of German football, rather than leaving this to the control of individual leagues.

These measures are regarded as an immediate first step taken to manage the problem of match-fixing. Other more detailed proposals will be put forward by an expert committee appointed to address the issue. On February 13, 2005, the DFB announced the Ausschuss für das Problem Spielmanipulationen (Commission for the Problem of Match Manipulation) as being made up of DFB President Zwanziger, DFL President Hackmann, Treasurer Schmidhuber, and Secretary General Horst Schmidt.

The DFL is also considering a departure from tradition by employing professional officials in place of the amateurs now used. DFL President Werner Hackmann sees the controversial step as possible in light of the recent scandal. The former chairman of the board of Hamburger SV feels that the use of full-time referees earning a good wage could help deflect bribery attempts in the future. Former star player and head of Germany's 2006 World Cup organizing committee Franz Beckenbauer expressed opposition to the idea of employing professional officials feeling that the current system has worked quite well and is solidly supported by the excellient training program run by the DFB. The former FIFA referee Hellmut Krug, DFB Director of Officials (Schiedsrichterabteilung) criticized the control system the DFB had in place because it had been known for some time that Hoyzer was making dubious decisions, but there was no action taken. He also emphasized the more general need for observers to prepare written match reports as is the practise for all Bundesliga matches.

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