Buffalo Crime Family

The Buffalo crime family also known as the Magaddino crime family and The Arm, is an Italian American Mafia crime family based in Buffalo, United States. The family operates throughout Western New York, Ontario, Canada and Erie, Pennsylvania.

The Buffalo crime family, gained power during the Prohibition era through bootlegging. In 1931, family boss Stefano Magaddino became an original member of The Commission, and his family remained relatively peaceful until the 1960s when his leadership was challenged. The family broke into separate factions as they tried to assassinate Magaddino who died of natural causes on July 19, 1974. Following Magaddino's death the family continued its war until the early 1980s when Joseph Todaro became the boss. Todaro united the family and retired in 2006, leaving Leonard Falzone as the current boss.

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Stefano Magaddino - Buffalo Crime Family
... thereby supplying the needs of speakeasies located in Buffalo and the very "Honky-tonk" Niagara Falls ... After Prohibition ended, Magaddino and his crime family made their money by means of loan sharking, illegal gambling, extortion, carjacking and labor ... Magaddino's crime family held power in the underworld territories of Upstate and Western New York, namely, Buffalo, New York, bordering Canada and situated on Lake Erie, Rochester and Utica, along the Mohawk ...
Buffalo Crime Family - Historical Leadership
... The early history of the what became the Buffalo family was controlled by two different men Angelo Palmeri and Joseph DiCarlo ... The two groups merge into together becoming a crime family. 1908–1912 – Angelo "Buffalo Bill" Palmeri – the first Sicilian crime boss in Buffalo merged his group with DiCarlo's group in 1910 ...
Joseph Todaro, Sr. - Semi-retirement
... By the mid 1990s Buffalo's local law enforcement alleges that Joseph "Big Joe" Todaro Jr ... was made Acting Boss and overseer of the Buffalo crime family's day to day operations with the help of Consigliere, Leonard Falzone, while Joseph Todaro Sr ... relaxes in Florida and returns frequently to Buffalo to check on the crime family operations and his million dollar pizzeria and chicken wing business that is run by grandchildren, Joseph Todaro III ...
Joseph Todaro, Sr. - The Arm Splits
... By the mid 1960s many of the Buffalo crime family's top members began to believe that Boss, Stefano Magaddino had become a paranoid and notoriously greedy leader with old age who was losing the respect ... This was reinforced in 1968 when Magaddino informed his top crime family members that their share of profits from the crime family's operations would be reduced and they would not receive their. 1968 arrest of Stefano Magaddino and his son and crime family capo, Peter Magaddino on charges of interstate bookmaking allowed the arresting F.B.I agents ...

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