Brood Nest

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Winter Cluster - Brood Nest
... All brood rearing stops for some period during the winter ... In early spring, brood rearing resumes inside the winter cluster when the queens starts to lay eggs again ... If the temperature in areas of the brood nest dips too low the brood dies - also called chilled brood ...
Checkerboarding (beekeeping)
... colony consumes honey and expands the brood volume ... enough remaining honey stores and a large enough brood nest to risk swarm preparation ... The bee colony's first activity of swarm preparation is to reduce the brood volume by creating additional stores inside the brood area ...
Beekeeping Helmet - Bee Colonies - Structure of A Bee Colony
... cut a vertical cross-section through the hive from side to side, the brood nest would appear as a roughly ovoid ball spanning 5-8 frames of comb ... Within the central brood nest, a single frame of comb typically has a central disk of eggs, larvae and sealed brood cells that may extend almost to the edges of the frame ... Immediately above the brood patch an arch of pollen-filled cells extends from side to side, and above that again a broader arch of honey-filled cells extends to the frame tops ...

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