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List Of Saint Seiya Chapters (series) - Volume List
... Japan release North America release 1 Holy Warriors Athena's Saints (女神の聖闘士 Atena no Seinto) September 1986 ISBN 4-08-851754-7 January 21, 2004 ISBN 1-59116-225-4 001 ... "The Saints of Athena" (女神の聖闘士, "Atena no Seinto"?) 002 ... was originally from the 88 warriors called "Saints" from the goddess Athena ...
Athena (Saint Seiya) - Appearances - In Saint Seiya - Poseidon Arc
... soldiers also attempts to kidnap Saori, but he is thwarted by Gold Saint Leo Aiolia ... Athena returns to Japan and visits the Bronze Saints at the Graude Foundation Hospital, where they are recovering from the battles of the twelve temples ... Siren Sorrento attempts to kill her, but the Gold Saint Taurus Aldebaran protects her ...
Athena (Saint Seiya) - Appearances - In Saint Seiya - Hades Arc
... In the final arc of Saint Seiya, Athena is recovering from her recent battle with Poseidon at Sanctuary, when Hades returns to Earth and launches an assault, aided not only by ... The mission of the Specters and revived Saints was to take Athena's head to Hades ... Wanting to protect her Bronze Saints from yet another battle, Athena forbids them from taking part in the war against Hades, but, paying no attention to such ...
Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter: Overture - Heaven Chapter: Overture (2004)
... Original title Saint Seiya Tenkaihen Josō Overture The pre-Heaven arc ... peace on Earth, Saori goes to the Sanctuary and starts spilling her blood and it is up to the Bronze Saints to save her ... After the bloody battle against Hades, goddess Athena's Saints are still recovering when they find themselves face to face with their newest and most formidable foe ...

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    The countless words of saints and sages waken people from their dreams.
    Chinese proverb.

    What will our children remember of us, ten, fifteen years from now? The mobile we bought or didn’t buy? Or the tone in our voices, the look in our eyes, the enthusiasm for life—and for them—that we felt? They, and we, will remember the spirit of things, not the letter. Those memories will go so deep that no one could measure it, capture it, bronze it, or put it in a scrapbook.
    Sonia Taitz (20th century)