Broad Gauge

Broad Gauge

Broad-gauge railways use a track gauge (distance between the rails) greater than the standard gauge of 1435 mm (4ft 8½in.).

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SA3 Coupler - Usage - Some Usage
... Slovakia (Uzhhorod – Košice broad gauge track) Heavy iron-ore transports from Ukraine ... Poland (Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line) The longest broad gauge railway line in Poland ...
Locomotives Of India - The Classification Syntaxes
... The first letter (gauge) W-Indian broad gauge (The "W" Stands for Wide Gauge - 5 Feet 6 inches) Y-metre gauge (The "Y" stands for Yard Gauge - 3 Feet or 1000mm ...
List Of Broad Gauge (7 Feet) Railway Locomotive Names
... This is a list of the names of broad gauge railway locomotives built in the United Kingdom during the heyday of that gauge (which ended in that country by 1892 with the final ... but Britain's Great Western Railway, the prime exponent of the broad gauge, was noted for being an enthusiastic namer throughout its long existence, and perhaps less ... As with other named locomotives, broad-gauge ones drew their names from a wide variety of sources ...
Chard Branch Line - Towards Taunton Too
... The B ER built a broad gauge single-track line from Creech Junction on its main line (a little west of the later Creech St Michael Halt), 2½ miles east of Taunton to a station at Chard ... The broad gauge of the B ER and the narrow gauge of the L SWR were separate at the Joint station, except that the turntable was of mixed gauge, accessible from each company's track ... The GWR gradually changed the gauge of branch lines in the area to the narrow gauge ...
Broad Gauge - Broader Gauges
... Some applications require broader gauges, including Large telescopes and telescope arrays ... ships and for constructing ships The Kockums Crane, now in Ulsan, South Korea, has 175 m gauge ... Ship railways Railway guns These applications might use double track of the country's usual gauge to provide the necessary stability and axle load ...

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