Bring in Da Noise

Famous quotes containing the words noise and/or bring:

    But what it was, alas, I cannot tell,
    Because of it I had no perfect view;
    But as it was, by guess, I wish it well
    And will until I see the same anew.
    Shadow, or she, or both, or choose you whither:
    Blest be the thing that brought the shadow hither.
    —Unknown. I Heard a Noise and Wish├Ęd for a Sight (l. 13–18)

    They tell us sometimes that if we had only kept quiet, all these desirable things would have come about of themselves. I am reminded of the Greek clown who, having seen an archer bring down a flying bird, remarked, sagely: “You might have saved your arrow, for the bird would anyway have been killed by the fall.”
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815–1902)