Bridge At The 1st World Mind Sports Games

Bridge At The 1st World Mind Sports Games

The first World Mind Sports Games convened in Beijing, China, 3–18 October 2008. They were sponsored by the International Mind Sports Association and organised by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sport. Provisionally, the second WMSG will be August 2012 in Lille, France. Contract bridge was one of the five disciplines or mind sports constituting the first WMSG: bridge, chess, draughts, go, and xiangqi. The World Bridge Federation calls the bridge competitions collectively the "World Bridge Games". According to the WBF, it incorporated the World Team Olympiad (1960 to 2004) and several youth events in the World Bridge Games "as the stepping stone on the path of introducing a third kind of Olympic Games (after the Summer and the Winter Olympics)". The World Masters Individual tournaments (Open and Women) were also incorporated, at least in Beijing.

The first World Bridge Games featured special national teams, pairs, and individual competitions for players under age 28 (U28), as well as traditional national teams championships for the under-26 "juniors" and under-21 "youngsters". Hereafter the competition for youth teams, pairs, and individuals will all use the age limits that are familiar in bridge, U26 and U21. Maybe.

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