Brazilian Workers Confederation - Principles and Organization

Principles and Organization

Today the union is reducing its anarcho-syndicalist organization and opposes criticism of institutionalized bureaucratic unions, to these states that are delineated by an authoritarian and partisanship unable to express the reality interests of the working class. For this reason, the COB promotes a fair pay adjustment that ensures the needs of life and calls for the reduction of shift for all job categories, with the intention of establishing the conditions for release of workers in the domain of state and the government as well as political parties that support them.

It is made up mostly of independent trade unions "sindivários," union of arts and crafts style of the various unions for various Spanish or Argentine resistance societies, these unions are established in various cities, the COB integrates its while two regional federations that are FOSP (Federação Operária São Paulo) and FORGS (Federação Operária do Rio Grande do Sul) also profile anarchist. In the confederation political parties unable to participate nor affiliated to them. Currently both the federations as the regional confederation are in the process of restructuring and activation. The COB is linked to the reconstruction process of the Continental American Workers Association (ACAT) and is part of the International Workers Association (AIT), the latter is the largest international trade union anarchists.

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