Brave Wind

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List Of Anti-ship Missiles - Taiwan (Republic of China)
... Hsiung Feng I - Brave Wind I is a subsonic ship-to-ship developed by CIST in 1970s, said to be based on the Israeli Gabriel missile ... Hsiung Feng II - Brave Wind II is a subsonic missile with ship-to-ship, surface-to-ship, and air-to-ship versions ... Hsiung Feng III - Brave Wind III is a new supersonic (Mach 2 - 2.5) ramjet ship-to-ship missile currently in development by CIST ...

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    Once fishing was a rabbit’s foot—
    O wind blow cold, O wind blow hot,
    Robert Lowell (1917–1977)

    We say justly that the weak person is flat, for, like all flat substances, he does not stand in the direction of his strength, that is, on his edge, but affords a convenient surface to put upon. He slides all the way through life.... But the brave man is a perfect sphere, which cannot fall on its flat side and is equally strong every way.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)