Brandy (from brandywine, derived from Dutch brandewijn—"burnt wine") is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Brandy generally contains 35–60% alcohol by volume (70–120 US proof) and is typically taken as an after-dinner drink. Some brandies are aged in wooden casks, while some are simply coloured with caramel colouring to imitate the effect of such aging (and some brandies are produced using a combination of both aging and colouring).

Brandy is also produced from fermented fruits other than grapes, but these products are typically named eaux-de-vie, especially in French.

In some countries, fruit flavouring or some other flavouring may be added to a spirit that is called "brandy".

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Famous quotes containing the word brandy:

    Like an old brandy after a long rain,
    Distinguished, and familiar, and aloof.
    James Vincent Cunningham (1911–1985)